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Here's an idea that may add some fun to our racing program with virtually no effort on anyone's part.  We have traditionally given identical courses to both the "A" and "B" fleets for club races, with different starting times and have kept scoring and trophies entirely separate for both fleets. 

I don't know about the rest of the "B" fleet skippers, (or "A" fleet skippers for that matter) , but we routinely look at the adjusted times for the "A" fleet just to see how how our times compare.  Curiously, when we sail well, we often beat some of the "A" fleet boats times.  Obviously, since we start at different times, and experience different conditions, the comparison is not always fair - but strictly for entertainment value, and competitive chest thumping, it would be interesting to ADD combined fleet scoring after each fleet's times are recorded and show results after each fleet's results on the results page.  We might even consider a "Club Champ" trophy for overall winners.

In last Tuesday's race, for instance, the top three "B" boats beat the top three "A" boats' corrected times.  There ought to be some bragging rights associated with this, and even though it isn't a completely fair measurement, the different conditions because of different starting times should "come out in the wash" after a season of racing.

It would be simple enough to do, add some competition between fleets, and make us all more aware of how we are sailing - club wide, and most important of all - it would be fun!



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Something along these lines?  It is simple to incorporate this into the scoring that is done at the bar every night, and posted on the web.  As to whether this becomes another trophy, that's for someone else to decide, not me.  But I can see how this might add a little competition between all the skippers.


Let me know what you, or anyone else thinks.

Exactly!  We already have the data, so why not?  It is simple enough to do, and adds a new perspective to our racing program.


Besides, if PHRF works as well as its supporters claim, we should have no need for fleet splits, right?......

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For fun, here is the series standing for the last series, with the addition of a fleet scoring.  Like I said, I don't mind adding it to the standard scoring we provide, but it would be nice to hear from a few other skippes on what they think.  I did notice a few bugs in how it numbers the finish order, but nothing major.


Along the lines of you mentioning whether there is a need for fleet splits, we could just as easily do a combined start.  Then everyone sails in the same conditions.  It would make for a crowded start line though.  But, I don't see that happening any time soon.

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